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Where every child becomes a part of our dance family!

Upon moving back to Columbus in 2011, it was never a question of if or where my daughters would attend dance. Lynette's Dance Studio was my #1 pick! I grew up in Columbus and attended Lynette's from 3rd grade all the way to my senior year (1998). I was a 3 sport athlete, involved in many church and school activities, but dance held a special place in my heart and Lynette was a big piece of that! Lynette LOVES and CARES for each and every one of her dancers. She loves her faith and it shines through in and out of her dance studio. As far as the dancing aspect itself, I enjoy the fact there is no competition or traveling teams involved. There is one weekend of recitals dedicated to all the hard work the girls put in during the school year and it is a blast. You will NOT go wrong by choosing Lynette's Dance Studio as your dance home! You will find out it's a DANCE FAMILY! 

Kim (Rickert) Dreesen, mother of  Hannah 

Lynette is a terrific role model for our daughters.  She is given much responsibility, some days seeing our daughters more than we do.  With the world as it is today it is nice to have some others in our corner to help keep them at least close to the right trail.  The girls come to Lynette's to dance with their feet, they leave with a message in their hearts.    


                                                     Dad of dancers


I have three girls who are all dancers at Lynette’s Dance Studio, the first one started eleven years ago.  From the moment we entered Lynette’s studio she made us a part of her family.  She is a friend, teacher, mentor, counselor and caregiver to each and every one of her students.  She has high expectations for her students and gains their trust in a very kind and gentle manner.  I have never heard her yell nor have I heard a class that is unruly or out of control.  The students respect her and follow the rules.  Lynette’s expectations are high, yet she is very understanding that our kids are very busy.  She understands the importance of school, sports and other activities they are involved in.  She always encourages them to make it to their dance classes if at all possible, but allows them a few absences and other opportunities to learn/practice on their own.   She is very organized, runs her classes on time and her studio is very clean and inviting.  As a busy mom I always feel informed as far as class and recital information.  Notes, reminders and expectation are sent out to keep us all up to date and with the necessary information.  Over the past several years she has added many new and exciting dance classes for the students to take.  Her students are expected to do their best.  She understands each individual is unique and talented in his/her own way.  Every student has an equal opportunity of earning a spot in the front row of a dance at recital, all they have to do is prove to her that they are practicing, paying attention in class and trying their best.  I know my girls and I have made a lifelong friend in Lynette.  She has taught them so much more than just how to dance.  All parents know how challenging it is to raise our children and we can’t do it on our own.   Becoming a part of Lynette’s dance family has been a blessing for our family. 

Kathy Steiner


We offer a non-competitive atmosphere for dancers to build their dance skills along with skills to build their character.

We love teaching the art and joy of dance!

We strive to build a culture of kindness.